Swanqueen ' Queen By Evil Before 'kneel The T-shirt

Swanqueen ' Queen By Evil Before 'kneel The T-shirt Obey The Evil Queen – You have no idea what she’s capable of! • Millions of unique designs by independent artists. Find your thing.'Kneel before The Evil Queen!' T-Shirt by SwanQueen

'kneel Before The Evil Queen ' T-shirt By SwanqueenOnly respirators that have passed the tests of protective performance, inspiratory temperature, respiratory resistance and protective head cover can be used for personnel wearing test.Participants should be in good health and able to use the respirator skillfully, and should be able to take off the respirator in time to ensure their own safety when abnormal use of the respirator is found.Before the start of the test, the respirator used in the test should be checked to ensure that it is in good working condition and does not pose any danger to participants.There should be no less than five participants in the experiment.Participants shall complete the following test items after wearing the respirator.A) walk on the flat ground for 5 min;B) crawl on the ground for 5 min;C) prepare a basket with a volume of about 8 L;A hopper with a height of 1.5m and a mouth at the bottom and top for scooping out the contents from the bottom and pouring them into the top (figure 7);Appropriate amount of rubber dander or other appropriate articles.Participants can lean over or kneel, shovel items from the hopper to fill the basket, then lift the basket and return the contents to the hopper.Repeat the process 15 times within 5 min.After the test, participants shall make subjective evaluation of the respirator according to the following requirements: a) the convenience and comfort of the respirator;B) visual authenticity of breathing apparatus;C) ease of movement after wearing respirator.Personnel wearing performance: the seal of the respirator's filter device should be able to open quickly without the aid of tools;Wear quickly and easily;The tie should be able to be quickly tightened and easily removed;If equipped with a mask, the mask and personnel's face should be close and comfortable.After personnel wear respirator, the response action has no obvious influence;Materials that touch the wearer's skin should not irritate the skin and should not cause adverse health effects.No sharp edge, burr and other defects shall be found on the parts touching the wearer.The window should not be obscured by fog and vision should not be blurred.Material requirements of respirator respirator packaging material strength test apparatus mechanical collision and environmental change experiment inhaled carbon dioxide content in the gas respirator comprehensive verification of carbon monoxide (co) protective performance test device to filter a cigarette filter performance test device tags: test, testing pressure unit conversion relation of MPa, kPa, bar and psi

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